Covid regulations amended to allow children to leave Wales' lockdown areas for sport

Clwyd West MS Darren Millar has welcomed today’s announcement by the Welsh Government that children will be able to leave Wales' lockdown areas for sport, after calling for the rules to be changed in the Senedd Chamber on Tuesday.

Under coronavirus rules which came into force in much of North Wales last Thursday, amateur sports were not classed as a "reasonable excuse" to travel in or out of an area subjected to local lockdown restrictions. However, First Minister Mark Drakeford has today announced that the regulations will be amended.

The date from which the change will apply is yet to be announced.

Welcoming the news, Darren said:

“I raised this with the Welsh Government on Tuesday after receiving countless emails from concerned parents whose children had suddenly been stopped in their tracks from taking part in their usual sporting activities if they were in neighbouring local authority areas to where they live.

“Our young people have already endured so much change in their lives due to this pandemic and it seemed totally unfair and unnecessary to add this additional restriction.

“As well as being great for keeping them fit and healthy physically, sport plays an integral role in keeping them healthy mentally too. I am therefore delighted that the Welsh Government have seen sense regarding this matter and that our children and young people can return to doing the sports they love regardless of where the activities are held.”