Welsh Government urged to work with bus operators to increase services in North Wales

Clwyd West MS Darren Millar is calling on the Welsh Government to work with bus operators to ramp up services in North Wales.

As the lockdown has been lifted more people are using public transport, but the number of buses is still restricted due to funding and this is resulting in some buses being full and passing people at bus stops.

Darren has pressed local operators to increase the frequency of services and called on the Welsh Government to help them boost the number of buses on the roads.

He said:

“People have been cooped up in their homes for many months and now that lockdown has been lifted they understandably want to get out and about. However this is proving problematic due to the restricted bus services currently running.

“Not everyone has access to a car and many people, particularly older residents, rely on public transport for essential trips, such as shopping for groceries and getting to medical appointments.

“In recent weeks I have received a number of emails from constituents who are desperate for bus services to be increased. One of my constituents is a cancer patient and relies on the buses to get to their appointments. However they were unable to get on the bus recently because it was full and instead had to walk home and arrange for a taxi. This is simply not acceptable.

“I have received many emails of similar cases and I am therefore urging the Welsh Government to provide operators with the funding they need to provide a reliable service across North Wales.

“People have suffered enough due to the pandemic, and as we experience the slow return to normal life it is essential that everything is done to make life easier for people, particularly our older residents.”