MS praises Blood Bikes Wales volunteers for their support amid Covid-19 pandemic

Clwyd West MS Darren Millar has applauded the work of Blood Bikes Wales volunteers after attending a virtual event to learn more about the amazing work they do for the NHS and how they have stepped up their services to assist with Covid-19.  

Blood Bikes Wales is a 100% volunteer charity based in Wales, providing completely free courier service to the NHS, delivering blood samples, plasma, donated human milk (for baby’s in special care units), documents and other items all over Wales.

Since the COVID-19 crisis began they have expanded their weekday service, with new riders to complement our existing services to support our NHS dealing with patients relocated due to COVID-19, including transporting samples, blood products and human milk for babies.

Darren is taking part in a publicity drive to make sure no part of the NHS is unaware of the free service available which exists to support NHS transport services already in place, rather than the NHS relying on costly courier services when demand is high.

He said:

"I wish to express my gratitude to the volunteers at Blood Bikes Wales for the incredible work they do in support of our NHS, especially during this most difficult time.

"I want to work alongside the volunteer charity and my Senedd colleagues to ensure every part of our NHS in Wales knows they can turn to Blood Bikes for help in providing a lifesaving courier service."

Nigel Ward, Chair of Blood Bikes Wales said:

“Many of our members work in, are connected to, or have benefited from our NHS and are well aware of the additional pressure our NHS faces at the moment.  We consider ourselves privileged at any time to be able to say to hard pressed NHS staff 'May I carry that for you?  There's no charge'.  This is why Blood Bikes exist.  It's what we do.'

Jim McLellan, a former police officer who became a Blood Bikes volunteer after receiving NHS treatment for a brain tumour said: "Being a Blood Bike rider means you are in a family. The riders, fund raisers, controllers and of course the entire NHS. We endure the cold, the wet and long hours, even staying on beyond the end of shift, to get the job done.

"Everyone who does their bit ends their daily efforts with a big grin and huge satisfaction they have helped someone somewhere. We have each other’s back all the time and we have the back of the NHS and we couldn't be more proud."